A Quoran asked: Do you know the story of a Jewish refugee who falsified his identity during WW2?

I love reading . It is a great and a very sozial way to share knowledge. Here I copy-paste my answer to the above question asked by Summer Brooks.

There is one very famous story. It is the history of Mr. Yankel Wiernik.

After running away from the extermination center in Treblinka on August 2nd, 1943 Mr. Jankiel Wiernik arrived in Warsaw. Soon after escaping Treblinka he wrote down his memoirs. The book entitled "A YEAR IN TREBLINKA" was hand-written in a hideout in a tire-workshop of Mr. Andrzej Klimowicz next to the main street of Warsaw and illegally printed (2000 copies!) of the book at the same place. All of this in German-occupied Warsaw! Next year, by the 30th of April 1944, he received a false ID [germ. Kennkarte] to disguise him as Mr. Jan Smarzyński. The false ID was prepared by members of two Polish underground organizations: Żegota and ŻOB.

That is the house in which the story happened:

And this the face of a too-little-known social-democratic activist Mr. Andrzej Klimowicz who helped to save dozens of Jews:

See you on and see you in Warsaw!

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