Please note that all of my tours are priced PER TOUR, not per person or per hour.  You can book a tour alone or as a family or group of up to 6 people.  The total price stays the same no matter the number of people.  Entrance tickets are not included in the price unless otherwise stated.  All payments must be made after the tour by cash or credit card.  A receipt will be sent as a PDF within 24 hours following payment.  

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All tours listed on my website are conducted by me personally.  


My first tours of Poland and Warsaw date back as late as 1999. In these years I was engaged in various projects popularising the heritage of Poland. 


I started working as a tour guide in Warsaw specifically and Poland generally in 1999.  During this time I was engaged in various projects supporting Polish heritage.  This past year, 2018, I performed approximately 150 different tours of Warsaw as a private guide and for various tour operators.  


Since many of my guests have shown a deep interest in the history of WWII in Warsaw, I wanted to create a series of tours which deals with this interest in a serious and meaningful way.  These tours are very specialized, and are therefore longer than other tours which may be available in Warsaw.  With this additional time however, we are able to see many more sites and go into much more detail.   


By showing photos, air reconnaissance images, maps, plans, recordings, and short movies, I can deliver the most accurate knowledge at the most appropriate spots in Warsaw.  My goal is to share this history in the most authentic way possible.  Please contact me for a tour, and I can share my city’s important past with you!    

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