Of all the cities in Europe, Warsaw was one of the most affected by the Second World War.  The destruction was devastating, and traces of that past can still be seen throughout the city.  This history makes it one of the best places to study the impact of WWII on civilization.

In my hometown of Warsaw, nearly every street has a connection to WWII, whether through a memorial or commemorative sign.  When I started giving tours 18 years ago, there were still many people who experienced this history first-hand and could share their stories.  Now that so much time has passed, those eyewitnesses have handed off the baton to the next generation.  As a young guide in Warsaw, I feel an urgency to pass this history on to my guests and to make sure that it is not forgotten.


This website provides information about the most comprehensive WWII tours in and around Warsaw.


I show my guests locations in Warsaw:

  • where important events of WWII happened

  • where historical information can be readily provided

  • where traces of the past are still visible through war damage  


My tours cover an extensive area in and around the city to give you the best possible understanding of WWII both in Warsaw and in Poland.  To make the most of our time and to be able to see everything, the use of a vehicle is required.  


To bring history alive, I provide various forms of historical evidence, including photographs, maps, recordings, and even movie clips.  You can expect a detailed explanation of WWII history while exploring the streets of Warsaw.


Sometimes my guests have Polish roots, and even parents or grandparents who were born in Warsaw.  With enough preparation time, I can help you uncover your family’s WWII-related history.  I have been fortunate enough to have assisted past families, and have even experienced moving family moments when visiting places where decisive events occurred.

Liberator Bomber Warszawa 1945 Kosciol.j